Welcome to the Mental Universe

Mental Limited, the award-winning development team behind Mrs Crumbs Cupcakes is evolving.

Previously focused solely on games, the company’s CEO (Adriaen Alexander) has decided that it is time to branch-out and expand into other areas of app development, such as education.

With 2 brand new educational apps for young children and babies in the pipeline, you will be sure to see an exciting evolution from a story-based games company into a multi-dicisplined development team.

We’re really excited about what the future holds, and we are especially looking forward to how the gaming community receive ‘Mrs Crumbs Cupcakes’, our first foray into the world of games ‘made for kids’.

We’re young, talented, extremely ambitions and we promote positivity throughout the company! Get involved with us at this early stage and you WON’T be disappointed!

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